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I'm the one who steps from the shadows

All trenchcoat and cigarette and arrogance, ready to deal with the madness

John Constantine
10 May 1953
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That's Con-stan-tine, like 'fine'.
Foul-mouthed, British cynic who pursues a life of sorcery and danger.

Adrenaline addict, magic addict, nicotine addict, alcoholic.

Makes occasional forays into heroism, but mostly just tries
to keep his own arse out of the fire.

Weirdness magnet.

Scouse bastard.

John Constantine belongs to the comic series Hellblazer, plucked from the heart of modern day London.
John is portrayed by Tony Vincent and Callum Keith Rennie, both of whom own themselves.
I'm making no profit on this, it's just for fun and games.
Mun and muse are both well over eighteen.